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Fireking Fire Blanket Fibreglass 1000x1000mm FB110 Pack of 1 Manufactured from three ply material consisting of two layer of woven fibre glass with a fire retardant inner layer. They are provided in clearly labelled PVC wallets with an eyelet for easy mounting and tabs for quick withdrawal ready for use. 110x110cm
Inc VAT £43.38
Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litre (Certified to BS EN3, combats Class A fires) XWS9 Pack of 1 Similar to the 9litre foam extinguisher with the same applications. Supplied filled. Capacity 2 litres.
Inc VAT £148.56
Fireking Fire Extinguisher Carbon Dioxide 2Kg XC2A Pack of 1 Safe for use on fires involving live Electrical equipment including computers. The CO2 gas extinguishes fires without creating water damage. Harmless to valuable Electrical computer equipment. Good on small fires involving petrol, oil, fats and solvents.
Inc VAT £180.10
Fireking Fire Extinguisher 2Kg ABC Powder ABC2000 EXP-006 Pack of 1 ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers. Stored pressure refillable extinguishers suitable for cars, boats, caravans, garage and around the home. Suitable for use on A, B and C class fires containing solid materials, flammable liquids and live Electrical equipment
Inc VAT £96.98
Fire Extinguisher AFFF Foam 6Ls XTS6 Pack of 1 A stored pressure refillable fire extinguisher containing AFFF foam which is supplied filled and ready to use. When applied to a fire it discharges a jet of foam which forms a film on the surface of the fire. For paper, oil, and fat. 6 litre.
Inc VAT £160.02
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